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Eric olson pottery

Eric Olson first discovered his love for clay in 1994 while taking a class, through the Craftshop at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Under the instruction of a very disciplined teacher, he was introduced to the techniques he still uses today, more than 27 years later.


Eric took to clay immediately and after six months of daily practice, he started a full-time
business making and selling pottery. For the first seven years he sold his work at Juried Fine Art Shows across the country. While attending these shows, he encountered many accomplished potters who shared their vast knowledge of techniques with him, furthering his abilities.

It was also at these shows Eric met a pottery collector who told him of events where the
emphasis was the love of antique pottery and the people who collect it. After researching and learning about the makers from 100 years ago, Eric’s work took on characteristics of pottery made during the Arts and Crafts period at the beginning of the 20th century. He began attending collector shows, and his work now appears in collections around the world from the US and Canada, to China, the Netherlands and Great Britain.


Teaching was something that came naturally to Eric, and his enthusiasm for pottery comes
through in his entertaining and fun method of instruction. His biggest joy comes from seeing
students have that “Aha!” moment when the techniques click and beautiful pots emerge from a simple ball of clay. Eric has taught pottery to over a thousand students in Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida and Montreal.  He currently teaches pottery courses at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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